Cathy “Fitz” Fitzhenry

Cathy Fitz has in-depth expertise to lead organizations to growth and profitability. Her proven ability to organize and lead teams of professionals to accomplish strategic intentions while maintaining fiscal responsibility has made her reputation stellar within the business community.  Using her intuitive gifts, and her incredible relationship skills, she has the ability to help individuals move beyond their roadblocks.

Fitz has had the opportunity to use her leadership skills worldwide for various organizations that struggled due to poor leadership, ineffective teams and unclear focus. In addition, she has mentored hundreds of individuals of all ages from teens to seniors.  Her ability to connect to the heart is her competitive advantage and what makes her stand out.

Currently, Fitz has taken on the role of Chairman of five private advisory boards that are comprised of CEOs, presidents and business owners representing over 50+ organizations within 100 miles from Omaha, Nebraska. Her role is to mentor and provide a forum for a business leader to develop their personal leadership skills. Each member of the advisory board acts as part of a collective “brain trust” and “private advisor” for each other.

She is recognized for her strong communication, networking and ability to match talent to task with a laser clear focus to maximize results without wasting time or resources. She is often hired to develop corporate cultures and work environments that maximize talent and motivate employees.
Her core competencies include:
* Business process including strategic and operational
* Planning, forecasting, budgeting and implementation of cost controls, change management and corporate culture transformation
* Leading Boards of Directors
* Organizational development, emotional and intuitive intelligence- 5 level leaders
* Executive and personal coaching & mentoring
* Business management for short-term crisis situations and special turn-around assignments

In addition, Fitz is a seasoned real estate investor, and also spends much of her free time writing and promoting heart-based leadership and balanced living. She also teaches, mentors and coaches in mind management and heart-based leadership as key strategies for successful living.  Fitz seeks to work with those who seek to maximize their potential, execute on their vision, and achieve success and conquer their challenges.

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Marketing, Branding, Organizational Development, Board Facilitation, Development of Training Programs, Real Estate Investing & Development, Mind and Thought Management, Publishing, Organizational Development, Emotional Intelligence, Intuitive Intelligence, corporate turn-arounds.

​​Your heart knows things your mind cannot explain.